Red hot.

Brooke Candy is a devilish femme fatale in the music video for “Volcano.”

The track, co-written with Sia and Jesse Saint John (Britney Spears, Erika Jayne), boasts an anthemic bridge and larger than life production that perfectly soundtracks Brooke’s unapologetic shenanigans in the video.

In it, the indie pop star wears a pair of metallic angel wings and glittery red knee-high boots, trolling around iconic spots of Los Angeles, including a pit-stop at Hustler founder Larry Flynt’s decadent office (where she’s eventually bound by rope to his table), Hollywood Blvd and the **********.

“There are two key components, I think,” Brooke said of the video to Noisey. “I wanted to do something that represented how women are portrayed and fetishised in the media by men. But some of the shots we didn’t plan out… they just happened, and they were ******* perfect and totally tied into the concept and also just work visually.”

As for the character the “Das Me” singer plays in the clip? “She is a badass; she’s not perfect but she doesn’t ******* care – she thinks she is. She wants to tear up the system from the inside. She wants revolution and she wants real change. She is rambunctious and angry and feisty. I guess she’s an extension of myself, but the amped up caricature version of how I feel on the inside.”

Watch below:

“Volcano” serves as the first single off Brooke’s forthcoming sophomore EP out in August.

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