Watch Brooke transform into a pop star in her “Happy Days” visual.


Brooke Candy transformed from “Opulence” to “Happy Days.”

Previous to “Happy Days,” Brooke’s image relied on bizarre imagery without explanation. Her femme fatale character in the video for2014’s Sia/Diplo-produced “Opulence” song didn’t translate to pop audiences, and she began her rebranding with label RCA. Cut to a year later, Brooke offers us the radio-friendly “Happy Days,” remaining true to her uninhibited spirit yet still connecting with the listener.

“The song is about transformations,” Brooke said last week upon the song’s audio debut. “Whether that be emotional, physical, spiritual, relational -transformations and change are what define life.” says Brooke “We’re all looking for different ways to achieve ‘happy days’ or some sense of fulfillment or satisfaction and this song addresses that struggle.” Of the video, Brooke tells Nylon, “an introduction to a (precocious) ‘Brooke Candy’ in [a] state of innocence before becoming immersed/fragmented in increasingly surreal and uninhibited states of consciousness, as ‘she’ progresses through the disorienting trajectory of fame.”

In the stylized music video, Brooke’s a blonde bombshell flashing a toothy smile in between cuts of falling prescription pills and bubbly thunderstorm clouds. It’s as if she recognizes the industry demands our pop stars act a certain way before treated to mainstream success. In “Happy Days,” Brooke plays along for awhile, until she ultimately breaks down in tears and catches her manufactured reflection in a vanity mirror. That’s when the pills sink in to make her days seem happy.

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