White dresses.


Brooke Candy premiered her music video for “Living Out Loud” today, arguably her biggest pop effort to date.

In the clip, every day people are seen going through their life experiences the best way they know how, and they share something in common: wearing a white dress.

Sia doesn’t appear in the video, but her two-toned wig does – several dancers wear them as they dance in formation around the singer towards the end.

It’s a good video, but it doesn’t feel that authentic to the Brooke Candy we’ve come to know and love.


Brooke Candy ft. Sia or Sia ft. Brooke Candy?

Brooke Candy has finally premiered her much-teased new single “Living Out Loud,” a full-on pop affair featuring none other than Sia.

The pair go back and forth on the verses reminiscing about their wilder days before a classically inoffensive, Sia-like chorus explodes over some generic pop beats.

“25 ounces and a bottle of wine / 24 hours, it’s a day at a time,” Brooke sings. “23 lived a hell of a life / 22 such a blur it’s passing me by.”

If this was a Sia single then I wouldn’t be underwhelmed, it’d actually be kinda cute for the verses at least, but trying to pass this off as a Brooke Candy featuring Sia is very strange.

Sia sings the chorus, half of the verses and the entire last minute is basically hers. What’s going on here? What happened to Brooke Candy’s bars? Her “Opulence”?

Watch the lyric video below.

Brooke Candy really interests me because I think she has a lot of potential and is genuinely talented. Sadly, similar to Charli XCX, it seems she’s dumbing it down to get a bigger audience before she does what she really wants.

The song first debuted in December in the form of the much better KDA remix, which is definitely the better version. Check it out below.

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