Zippidy dippidy doo da.

Brooke Candy Drops "Rubber Band Stacks" Music Video

Let’s blow it up.

We expected nothing less from singer Brooke Candy in the grungy and suggestive visual for her throwback-pop jam “Rubber Band Stacks” via W Mag. It’s a colorful acid trip into the mind of the bizarre, showing vivid creations by the way of strange beauty – using blue body paint with *******, sexual choreography in a laundromat and vibrant parrots strategically placed in at random.

“We are not defined by race, gender, or sexual preference” Candy said of her “A Study in Duality” video. “We are the forbidden fruit. We believe in the impossible. We are everywhere and nowhere all at once. We are limitless. We are fearless.” That resonates loudly throughout the “Rubber Band Stacks” video, described as “complete and utter high camp glam trash” by the singer. The song itself sounds like nothing on the airwaves right now, combining old school hip-hop with updated production tricks, and the visual is certainly reminiscent.

Recognize opulence? Watch here: