Britney’s closest family and friends worry her alleged rocky relationship with Jason Trawick may send her spiraling back to a place she spent five years evolving from.

“They’ve told friends they want to end the relationship,” a source told In Touch magazine.

“[They have] zero emotional connection. Britney is going to return the bands. This could mark the end of a very fragile relationship.”

It was reported Britney and Jason planned on mending their relationship during the holidays, traveling to Brit’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana for a little R&R with family. It looks as if nothing’s changed and those closest to her hope she can weather the storm.

“Everyone is trying their best to keep grounded, but they’re scared it could happen again,” the source added.

Britney Tweeted fans on New Year’s Eve: “Spending a quiet New Years Eve in with my boys and little miss Hannah. Let’s hear some interesting resolutions for 2013?”

Many wondered if she included Jason in with “my boys.”

Another source told OK! magazine her and Jason are fine. “Her relationship with Jason is the first truly mature relationship she’s ever had, and she wants it to last forever.”

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