HeraldSun: PREGNANT pop babe Britney Spears may be wishing she never sang Baby One More Time, with reports she is expecting twins. The mum-to-be stepped out for the world premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Hollywood today sporting a sizeable bump – and it’s not just because of all the junk food she’s been scarfing.The six-months-pregnant Spears may in fact be eating for three, the New York Daily News has reported. Brit’s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick was caught out by the rumor, which she would not confirm or deny, saying: “If she’s having twins, I have not been told that yet. Let me make some calls.”The Toxic singer recently told fans via her website that she loved being pregnant because “I get to eat lots and lots”. But the 23-year-old pop princess has also had to face up to some money troubles.
She reportedly clamped down on backup-dancer hubby Kevin Deadline’s extravagant spending habits upon hearing she was expecting a dynamic duo.” Kevin’s on a leash,” a source said to the Daily News.
“He’s been spending too much, flaunting his new American Express black card. She told him, ‘We have bills to pay, this s*** adds up.'”

Source: HeraldSun

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