Britney’s Xmas Tweet Chat Round 2

November 25, 2011 By Jordan Miller


Britney’s Tweeting up a storm about Christmas again. Homegirl really doesn’t know what she wants to get her fam this year; story of our lives! Here are her recent responses (start from the bottom):

Still gotta get gifts for brother/sister/dad/assistant….be thinking of some stuff for them. Talk to y’all later!!!

Alright y’all – know what I’m gonna get my boys now! Not gonna tweet it this time though!!!

Love it! But I’m not the best when it comes to teaching how to paint! RT @StarStunning I bought my nephew a Wooden Art Easel and paint.

Awww they are already my little super heroes. RT @rexsaurszone SPIDERMAN! SUPERMAN!

Can’t wait to see this! RT @Joshchill1 @britneyspears i made a Britney Xmas tree!! It’s pink and full of @ItsBritney pics

That’s what a lot of u all are saying! RT @_Herzdame @britneyspears LEGO is always a great choice 😉

I’m sure he would love that haha! RT @BornThisFatale You should buy a Tutu dress for Jason. Lol.

Been looking on this awesome toy site for Jayden and Preston’s xmas gifts – what do u think I should get them?

Still need ur help w/ shopping though – just can’t say what I’m getting for everyone!

Whoops mom saw that I was getting her an ezcurler on – guess I shouldn’t tweet what I’m getting people for xmas LOL