In Touch magazine: Just six days before KEVIN FEDERLINE was to marry BRITNEY SPEARS, the penniless dancer called his loved ones and left this message: “The wedding is off.” KEVIN’s friends say BRITNEY came down with the jitters, starting a protracted fight with FEDERLINE. While shooting her new video for ‘MY PREROGATIVE’, BRITNEY got upset with KEVIN and told him she didn’t want to get married and she didn’t know if she wanted to stay with him according to a source. KEVIN fired back that he was sick of being treated like a doormat and walked out. BRITNEY tearfully phoned KEVIN repeatedly telling him, “I need you. Please don’t leave me,” wearing FEDERLINE’s defenses, returning to SPEARS’ rented home in Malibu. While SPEARS’ publicist insists there will be a wedding before Christmas, a friend thinks otherwise. “Love is one thing. But MARRIAGE is another.”

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