Brit can’t catch a break. X17 was caught red handed., a competing paparazzi agency blog slammed x17 by issuing the following statement about the harsh allegations of Britney barfing on love interest / friend Isaac Cohen:
As was erroneously reported by a disreputable photo agency (I won’t name them but they are known for trespassing while wearing their company logo on their backs) Britney Spears did NOT puke on boyfriend Isaac Cohen last night after leaving a club. As was told EXCLUSIVELY to Flynet Online by Isaac himself that it was actually gourmet peanut butter on his hands and clothes from a jar that broke in his pocket- NOT puke from our poor, sweet Britney! Isaac gave us the empty jar as evidence (and a new one as a gift! Thanks!) and asked us to set the record straight. We are happy to help clear Britney’s name from this shameless attempt to profit from these slanderous and untruthful allegations! By the way I tried the peanut butter and it is yummy!

– I smell a feud! Loves it. And now you too can buy THIS kind of peanut butter and create your own messy controversial look as well!

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