While the rest of Hollywood was getting over their Oscar hangover on Monday morning, Britney Spears was enjoying the second visit from her two young sons in three days.

“It went very well,” a source close to the pop star tells OK! about this second visit, which lasted from 9am to noon PT on Monday. “The boys are really happy to see their mom.”

Even those who you’d expect to be most skeptical about the visits, like Mark Vincent Kaplan, lawyer for Brit’s ex-husband Kevin Federline, seemed upbeat on Monday. “These visitations with the boys will help to normalize the family environment,” Kaplan told OK!. “Kevin has always been rooting for Britney to regain visitation… and if these visits go well, they will ramp up over time.”

In fact, says the Britney insider, the rumor around the Spears house is that Sean Preston, 2, and one-year-old Jayden James could soon be visiting up to three times a week — so long as the singer continues to follow the rules and as long as certain people are present for the visits.

Sources confirm to OK! that the people required to be on hand for the boys’ visits to their mom include her father Jamie Spears, one of K-Fed’s bodyguards, Britney’s psychologist, the court-appointed monitor and a lawyer representing the conservatorship.

“It’s a lot, for sure,” one legal source explains to OK!. “But if she really wants those kids back, she won’t complain about all the people looking over her shoulder.”

And speaking of the ongoing custody battle for the two boys, Kaplan confirms to OK! that the original April 9 start date for the actual hearing will likely not go down as scheduled for several reasons, including the fact that the court needs to finish its custody evaluation of both parents. This evaluation will consider, among other factors, how each parent interacts with the children, each parent’s personal behavior and lifestyle, and how the exes behave together in front of the children.

A more likely start date for the case, says Kaplan, who also requested the Britney undergo a psychiatric evaluation, would be in the early summer.

Source: OK!

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