A wall of silence was lowered around Britney Spears and Kevin Federline last night as the distraught couple hammers out their differences and try to reconcile or end their brief and muddled marriage. Neither has been seen here since their late Friday night breakup. Our weekend world-exclusive about their fight in the Nero’s at Caesars Palace click here for that scoop – came as Britney’s stud-muffin husband Kevin was moments away from a festival of fame and fortune with the listening party unveiling of his appropriately titled CD Playing with Fire at Pure. The couple got into an escalating feud over dinner. One eyewitness told me, “This was a bad night for Britney. It was a full blown war of words that got louder and more heated as the dinner went on.”

A business friend of Kevin’s told me, “She wanted to be with him on his big night, and despite all the help she’s given him, he wanted to go solo so he had all the spotlight. That discussion spells disaster. He just didn’t want her to become the focus of the night – and that would be inevitable if they were together. He wanted it all to himself for once.”

Another eyewitness added, “It got so ugly that she stood up shaking and in tears and literally ran out of the restaurant crying and up to their suite. Moments later he went onto the red carpet for photographers and TV crews as if nothing had happened. But this was an ugly one.”

“The business associate added, “Fifteen minutes, later Britney called to the club to see if she could come down and was told she wasn’t wanted there. Her people told the club managers that she was very upset and decided to go to bed. But we had to tell everybody she wasn’t feeling well.”

Four-thousand club-goers were oblivious to the dramatic behind the scenes bust-up as Paris Hilton’s mom, Kathy, introduced the former back-up dancer to the fans. With 30 of his family and friends in his entourage, Kevin had DJ Logan spin his songs “America’s Most Hated” and “Rockstar” (his new single) – in a rap-fest that had the packed room buzzing.

As if he’d forgotten he had a sobbing, distressed bride upstairs, he yelled into the microphone, “We’re all hitting the craps tables after this. Las Vegas is my home away from home. I love it here. I love the drinks. I love the club. I love the ladies. Lets get hyped, Vegas!”

He was determined to have a wild time drinking Jack Daniels and Coke throughout the night until the lights were turned back on. He tore off his jacket and peach-collared shirt after midnight and stripped down to his signature white-ribbed “wife-beater” tank top with a white LA Raiders hat. Then he danced up his own storm on Pure’s white VIP beds and asked the DJ to play TI’s “Bring ‘Em Out.” Also in the VIP section with proud Paris parents Kathy and Rick Hilton were Houston Rockets basketball star Tracy McGrady, and Muhammad Ali’s daughter Tatyana – not together!

“We just didn’t know what was going to happen next,” said one guest. “Then Kevin spotted rapper YaBoy and they suddenly did an unexpected performance together. It was 3AM with everybody going home before he called it quits. Who knows if they can hold their marriage together after a night like this.”

The couple has had an on-and-off rocky relationship since getting married and Vegas has been the scene of many of their rumored stormy splits. Even friends have predicted that despite their year-old son Sean, the marriage is eventually doomed for disaster.

Only time will tell, and only in Vegas.

Credit: Journals.AOL.com/RobinsVegas

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