Britney’s Vacation to Fiji Not Good for Tourism

October 25, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is in Fiji, and that could be bad for Fiji tourism. Why? Because we know about it. And that could spoil her holiday.

Travel News Wire reported in its Monday e-mail to subscribers that the South Pacific Tourism Organization is concerned that celebrities won’t visit places like Fiji any more if they can’t do it privately.

Spears flew to Fiji by private jet Monday to spend eight days at a five-star resort owned by the Yasawa Group, which ordinarily promises privacy. But somehow the news got out and the tabloids know she is there.

Fijian media reported that Spears, her husband and bodyguard will spend almost $2,000 each per day at the resort just for food and accommodation.

“Fiji Visitors Bureau chief executive Viliame Gavoka said details of celebrities were so confidential the bureau did not have any statistics on it,” Travel News Wire reported.

Usually it only gets out after the fact that Fiji has welcomed celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Pierce Brosnan, Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson.

It is a similar story in Hawaii, where Kona International is sometimes billed as the world’s busiest airport for Learjets. Many celebrities own getaways in Hawaii, especially on Kauai and Maui, and those who actually live part of the time here, including Oprah Winfrey, Graham Nash and Willie Nelson, often find that local residents help guard their privacy to be neighborly.

The Halekulani in Waikiki and the Ko Olina Marriott on West Oahu specialize in sneaking celebrities into Honolulu, and often it is not until singers and actors return to Los Angeles that it is revealed they were here. Thanks affiliate