With her cigarettes, wet clothes and empty plastic cup strewn on the ground, Britney Spears today looks more ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ than Beverly Hills.
The one-time princess of American pop appears to be turning trashy — hardly a good look for a bride-to-be.

The disheveled 22-year- old cut a sorry figure when she was photographed lounging poolside in L.A. last week, only days after confirming her engagement to backup dancer Kevin Federline.

Scott Lapatine, who has been chronicling Spears’ slide for popular pop culture blog Stereogum, says the ‘new Britney’ doesn’t seem to care about anything.

‘She’s been wearing the same pair of ripped jean shorts for weeks as she hobbles around L.A. on crutches, always with cigarette in hand, making pit stops for Cheetos and Red Bull,’ says Lapatine.

‘She can’t even be bothered to brush her hair or wash her face anymore. This whole phase — and let’s hope it’s a phase — is a big middle finger to all her fans.’

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