Britney’s “This Morning” Interview With Alison Hammond

Britney Spears dropped by ITV’s “This Morning” for an interview with Alison Hammond last week during her trip to London.

She credits “Britney Jean” as a more personal record than her recent albums because of her breakup with ex-fiance Jason Trawick. Don’t worry, the Queen wasn’t THAT sad.

“I wanted to do something that was a little more personal for my fans because I went through a lot this year. I just wanted to be able to share those personal moments with them.”

“It was a hard breakup, but it wasn’t one of my hardest breakups, but I definitely had some things to say on my album about it.”

She says she had a blast working with co-producer Will.I.Am because of his creativity in the studio, describing his work as “off the wall.”

“He’s like a little kid genius!”

She again cites the ~”Work *****” is a term of endearment for the gay fans~ sentence.

Dear Britney, maybe try this instead?

“I know I have a large gay following, so it was important for me to record and perform a song that’ll connect me as an artist to their community.”

Britney tells Alison she’s working hard on rehearsals and staying in shape for her two-year Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

“I have a vocal coach that I work with weekly and then I have training rehearsals like three to four hours a day.”

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