The Original Equality Anthem.


Britmas comes early with the sudden (and long-awaited) arrival of “Take Off,” yet another song recorded during the sessions for Britney Spears’ mysterious “Original Doll” project that never saw the light of day.

“Take Off” has been buzzed about for years now after the song’s co-writer Michelle Bell told BuzzFeed it was an anthem of tolerance and love for gay people, even comparing it to Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White.”

“It was about being tolerant about gay people. It was gay people, discrimination, basically loving yourself and being connected. I think it was ahead of Lady Gaga. I think people would have looked at her and thought she had something to say. It was ahead of its time. She talked about war and how war is wrong.

Ultimately, “Take Off” never made it onto a final project. However, we can now hear the Bloodshy & Avant-produced anthem in its entirety thank to Bell.

“They say get ready for the revolution / I think we oughta find some sorta solution,” she sings over synth-heavy production laced with funk guitar.

Bell co-wrote “Chaotic” and “Money Love and Happiness” with Britney during this period, which started during the “In The Zone” recording process and ends somewhere around ’05, as we all know.

Listen to “Take Off” on YouTube.

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