Britney's Sushi Dinner Pre Piece Of Me

Britney grabs sushi with friends and family before Piece Of Me.

The great thing about sushi is how much of it you can eat and not feel like a fatty afterwards. Perfect before performing I imagine?

Brit dined at Sushi Samba inside the Palazzo in Vegas on Friday. Brit’s brother Bryan, her girlfriends Laura Lynne, Jansen & Cortney and bodyguard Edan joined.

Brit ate Sashimi tiraditos and sea bass skewers. Though her group didn’t order much, Brit left a nice tip, a source connected to the restaurant confirms to

See another snap of Britney leaving the restaurant:

Britney's Sushi Dinner Pre Piece Of Me

Impossible to walk out of Sushi Samba without spending at least a few hundred dollars, so thank you Britney for reminding me I’m a mere peasant.