Britney’s Supreme Court Nomination

July 27, 2005 By Jordan Miller

In May, the Senate’s eleventh-hour compromise on filibusters led to a lot of talk about a return to civility. The President’s nomination, last week, of John G. Roberts to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court may change that. Advocacy groups on both sides of the political fence are again cranking up their phone-bank operations and e-mail campaigns, as they get ready for a showdown. One organization, People for the American Way, is trying something new: an initiative to coördinate thousands of simultaneous calls to the Senate by alerting its members via cell-phone text messaging, a medium more generally associated with preteen flirting or casting votes for “American Idol” than with progressive activism. The group is calling the operation Mass Immediate Response, or mir, though at least one political observer has dubbed it the Britney Option.

Credit: Adam Green