Yes, I completely missed the boat on this one, but better late then never!

There was a lot of rumors swirling this morning that Brit’s summer tour was postponed per Britney’s request because she felt she wasn’t ready. A source told The Sun


Britney has told her management that she wants to push back her concert dates because she’s not feeling ready. She doesn’t feel she has enough time to prepare and has asked management to pull all her dates and postpone everything until later on in the year. She’s a perfectionist and wants everything to be better than ever before.”

“She is having to compete with other huge female stars such as RIHANNA and LADY GAGA now so wants to step the show up. Obviously it’s gone down like a lead balloon because venues and staff are booked and ready to go. They are trying to talk her round or at least hoping she’ll consider going out in September.”

Britney’s publicist since denied the claims on Twitter, saying: “The story in the Sun today isn’t true – Britney’s tour is NOT being postponed!”

There you have it!

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