Today, Britney Spears is probably the most talked about female on the planet. The size of her breasts, whether she is a virgin or not, and now the gossip columns are questioning her ability as a mother.

From the day she burst into the corridor in a provocative school uniform singing “…Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears has reigned behind only Madonna as the princess of pop, topping the charts and making the front page of nearly every tabloid newspaper that exists; she has become the ultimate tabloid obsession.

Ever since she was a child, Britney had dreamed of becoming a star, singing and dancing constantly she would vex her elder brother, Brian.

Early Success
As a young girl, Britney had established herself as a professional gymnast. She would dance at local revues and sing in her local Baptist church choir. In 1990 she auditioned for the New Mickey Mouse Club, but was turned down for being too young. Nevertheless, a producer introduced her to a New York agent, where Britney’s professional career began.

Britney returned to the New Mickey Mouse Club and was accepted straightaway. She was featured on the show for two seasons, along with fellow musicians Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. The show ended in 1995 and now Britney had only just tasted stardom.

Best Selling Artist Of The 21st Century
To date, Britney has sold a staggering estimate of seventy million albums worldwide, making her the biggest selling female of the 21st century (so far).

Britney also realizes it is important to give back to the world, and she does this with her summer camp for underprivileged children, giving them a chance to showcase their talents. The Britney Spears Foundation is one of her favorite creations and is very close to her heart.

From her manufactured pop roots Spears has grown into true musician writing and producing her own material, deciding what she wants to do with her career.

With all this success and unimaginable fame, it is strange to discover that Britney Spears is an extremely down to earth girl who stays close to her southern roots; ‘She’s a girl from Louisiana and she doesn’t try to be anything else,’ says a colleague, Anson Mount.

The Future
Britney’s biggest lifetime ambition was to have a family and that’s what she got. Giving birth to son Sean Preston in September 2005, she now settles down to motherhood and fans eagerly await her comeback at the end of this year. But not all is well. The tabloids constantly hound Britney down about her style; expecting her to be in prime shape after she has just given birth to a baby is unbelievably cruel.


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