Britney’s Skin:

July 31, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Another day, another picture of Britney Spears. A face full of spots didn’t stop the singer stepping out with a pal in Santa Monica, California, to have her nails done. I reckon Britney is actually trying her best to keep her bad complexion. The Everytime singer is doing all the things beauty experts say you shouldn’t for flawless skin. She never takes off her make-up at night and happily tucks into greasy McDonald’s – clearly a girl after my own heart.

But Britney, engaged to dancer Kevin Federline, is doing one thing that isn’t going to make her fat or spotty.

It seems she’s taking her new religion seriously.

A friend was seen carrying her Kabbalah book as she followed the star and an assistant. Britney was persuaded by MADONNA to take up the mystical Jewish faith. Since then Brit has had a series of Hebrew symbols tattooed on her neck.