Pop-tart Britney Spears has reportedly become so obsessed with her newborn son, Sean Preston, that her *** life has become non-existent.

The Toxic singer – who touted the virtues of the pregnant *** she had with aspiring rapper Kevin Federline, saying it was “crazy good” – is determined to rekindle the flame with romantic roadtrips.

Early last year, the sexpot told People magazine that *** is: “better than it was before”.

According to Asian News International, Spears had reportedly “mastered” the art of giving oral *** thanks to a little help from ‘*** And The City’ star Kim Cattrall. Britney reportedly gained this important knowledge on the art of ******** after reading a *** manual written by Cattrall, ‘Satisfaction: The Art of the Female ******’.

The Actress’ book contains what has been described as numerous graphic diagrams, complete with instructions on how to perform a variety of *** acts and different positions for ***********.

According to the makers of a documentary, Britney’s redneck Roots, the **** singer purchased the how-to while dating pop heartthrob Justin Timberlake.

If Britters continues to blow-up, the only way she’s going to keep Kevin happy is to become better at ‘that’ than anyone else on the planet. The federjerk has already been reportedly calling her names and relentlessly teasing her about her weight.

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