Britney will cause a commotion in the “Slumber Party” music video.


Britney will cause a commotion in the “Slumber Party” music video.

Glory is at No. 200 on the Billboard 200 chart. That means next week, it will likely fall off entirely; a severe injustice to the pop opus. Britney has her sights set on the “Make Me” followup, and in order for the LP to see a resurgence, she needs a mature and innovative video to light up the blogosphere. “Slumber Party” is capable of that.

BreatheHeavy caught wind Britney and her dancers began rehearsing a number for the “Slumber Party” music video last week, the next single off her recent album Glory, and it’s already in production.

A source tells us the shoot is currently underway, with anonymous ~insiders~ scattered about the pop forums confirming it as well.

Someone I can’t vet had this to say of the shoot: “The dancers are going to be wearing lingerie for some scenes and she’s designing n creating masks for them.” They also mentioned this is the smallest budget she’s ever worked with.

No word what the concept is or who is directing it yet, but I’m praying to Godney something NC17 is filmed and isn’t scrapped for a visual where Brit and her girls are ordering pizza in onesies and spying on the boy next door. Go crazy though.

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