Plus, rumor has it she’s changing the opening!


Britney’s Piece Of Me show is turning up the heat in Sin City!

We know Britney’s preparing new material for her revamped Piece Of Me show after she shared two steamy clips of her and her dancers rehearsing choreography and belly rolls to “Breathe On Me,” but that’s apparently not the only In The Zone song she’s adding. Word on the street says she’s also including “Touch Of My Hand” immediately after “Breathe” much like she did during the Circus Tour.

As for the beginning of the show, it’s rumored she’s replacing the epic “Work *****” intro with the cage to something else and is revamping “Womanizer” and “Gimme More.” Fans also heard she’s cutting “Break The Ice,” but that’s staying (with a possible new arrangement as well). Britney’s POM dancer Willie Gomez said via Facebook, “The song Break The Ice is still in the show guys stop creating rumors… I believe that whatever changes are being made to the show everyone will be happy about. Sometimes we can’t get every song we want to be added as that would be a very long list right!?? but as Britney fas you will all be happy I believe.”

As for our high hopes she’d include “Overprotected?” According to the chatter… it’s a no-go.

Revisit her “Breathe On Me” rehearsal below:

It's so hot in here… #PieceOfMe

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Just put your lips together and blow… #PieceOfMe ?

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