Things couldn’t get much worse for Kevin Federline these days. A little over a week ago, “Y’all Ain’t Ready,” a track from his yet to be released album, was leaked to the internet amidst much criticism. Though Federline hoped to step out of his wife, Britney Spears’s shadow with an Eminem-like record, many are now comparing him to Vanilla Ice. Even Britney was rumored to have dissed the track. And to add insult to injury, Britney is now reportedly ready to give her husband of just over a year the boot. Kevin was never able to kick his bachelor habits – like partying late into the night at LA clubs – and Britney’s had enough. A confidant of Spears said to Australia’s NW, “Britney’s already seen the divorce lawyer. As it stands, the divorce papers are written up and all she has to do is give the word and they’ll be filed in the courthouse. She doesn’t want to divorce Kevin, but if that’s the best thing for her child and for her own sanity, that’s exactly what she’ll do.” Poor Kevin. It’s heard juggling the dual responsibilities of deadbeat dad and wannabe rapper.

(By Kate Lanahan)


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