Change of plans: “Private Show” is now apparently the lead B9 single.


Change of plans: “Private Show” is now apparently the lead B9 single.

Oh what a time to be a Britney Spears fan.

While Brit’s promotional campaign for her new fragrance Private Show, which highlighted the song of the same name in the advertisement that premiered Wednesday (July 13), went off without a hitch… her lead single and music video for “Make Me” has become somewhat of a messy debacle.

While the general public is blissfully unaware of the incessant “Make Me” leaks, pop music lovers and the Britney Army are in the know, and that’s a problem if the princess of pop wants a viable shot at charting (numbers aren’t everything, but it’d be nice). Looks like Team Britney is deploying Plan B: distract us with a promotional single release. That is, if we take radio station 91.7 The Bounce’s word for it. They claim the song drops tonight.

There’s reports that “Make Me” is also premiering this week, so perhaps 91.7 has their wires crossed?

The good news is… we’re getting a new Britney song tonight. The bad? People aren’t going to understand it’s a promotional single and assume Brit’s big return is a tune that doesn’t take risks like “Make Me” does.

Unless we’re really lucky and a dual-release is in the works.

Are you ready for “Private Show?”

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