It may have been unwise for Britney Spears to cast her new husband, Kevin Federline, as the groom in her video for “My Prerogative.” There’s a long history of artists casting significant others in their videos, and as we’ll see, it’s often boded ill for the relationship. So Britney, be careful!


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Video: J. Lo’s “Jenny From the Block”
Concept: Don’t hate her because she’s dating a movie star.
Fallout: Bennifer was a celebrity monster neither could control, and the pair called off their engagement in January 2004. Now she’s with the considerably less tabloid-friendly Marc Anthony.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley
Video: Jacko’s “You Are Not Alone”
Concept: Michael and Lisa Marie lounge around semi-naked in supposedly loving intimacy.
Fallout: Lisa Marie left Michael with his (ahem) fantasies. Jackson and the King’s daughter grossed out the world with their famous kiss at the 1994 VMAs and did further damage with this video, which seems to run longer than their marriage did. Jacko went on to marry and divorce his dermatology nurse; Presley moved on — equally briefly — to be the prized item in the trophy case of Elvis-memorabilia collector Nicolas Cage.

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