Britney's Piece Of Me Getting A Dance Makeover

Britney is bringing **** back for next the leg of Piece Of Me shows.

It’s been awhile… since we’ve seen Britney on stage in Las Vegas, so her next installment of Piece Of Me should be an exciting one! And urban. She’s apparently making changes to make it “hotter and sexier than ever!”

A source close to the show’s production says the “new material that will be a lot like old-Britney style dance.”

“It was Britney’s idea to step it up because she has gotten back into her old form and her body is just sick,” the source explains.

Britney’s lukewarm boxscore last leg inspired her to change up the show to keep things fresh.

“When ticket sales were down, everyone went into panic mode,” an insider tells Radar. “But Britney knew that in order to keep people’s interest, she had to change it up and give them what they want. The new show is going to be hotter and sexier than ever before.”

The move comes just in time – there are reports claiming Caesars Entertainment – who backs Brit’s residency – is “drowning in debt.”

“When Britney is happy, it shows in her performances. The new acts will be a lot like old Britney’s dance style.”

Britney’s next show is Dec. 27.