Britney's Piece Of Me Continues To Sell *****

‘Piece of Me’ is still slaying everyone, with 92% of tickets sold on the most recent leg of Britney’s Vegas show.

There’s a lot of buzz about Vegas shows just recently. Jennifer Lopez has been sniffing around the strip, performing the suspiciously titled “The Best Is Yet To Come” at The Colosseum on NYE; Mariah Carey is said to be eyeing up a spot in the city of sin too. There’s talk of who’d be better suited, and why this will or won’t be a good career move for either of the divas but let’s be real – the fact that they’re considering it at all is thanks to Miss American Dream herself. In the last year, Britney blazed a trail for young, working artists to perform on Vegas stages and it turns out she’s still making some serious cash with her residency.

See just how much dough she raked in on the last leg of 2014:

Britney’s four shows at the end of December (the 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st) raked in massive gross sales of $2,799,641 and selling 16,895 of a possible 18,221 tickets, she ended the month 92% sold out. It’s interesting to note too that Britney pulled in a whopping $700,000 per performance, in comparison J Lo managed a stellar, but much less impressive, $410,000.

Having already performed 57 shows in the year beforehand, these kind of figures are no mean feat. After the first two legs of the show sold out, critics were quick to claim that her sales represented the novelty of her act and that they’d soon dip. Well here we are, 12 months later, the novelty’s worn off, and the Queen of hair-flips and watermelon bubblegum is still coming out on top.

The show picks up again this month, and it seems like she may be making changes to the setlist (I mean at this point she could be rehearsing for another Twister ad for all I know, but it’s nice to dream) so we’ll be waiting to see how well a revamped (?) ‘Piece of Me’ sells into the new year.

But if I know Britney (which I suppose I don’t but, again, don’t kill my dreams) I would imagine her sales reign will carry on well into 2015, especially with a new single promised this side of the summer and an album sure to follow. (‘Britney Jean’ who?)

And if some new girls show up on the block, we’ll be waiting to see who’s the last one standing. But I know where my money is.

Who are YOU betting on?