Kevin “Timber-clone” Federline, the maybe-hubby of Britney Spears, came on like a trashy romance novel Lothario when he ordered dozens of roses delivered in cellophane bags–and dumped them all over their honeymoon bed. Kevin then carried maybe-wifey.Britney into the bridal chamber, dumped her near-nekkid bod on the rosy mound–and recoiled when she immediately leaped up screaming in pain, her skin peppered with tiny pricks! Turns out it was Kevin’s first floral seduction, and nobody told him you’re supposed to have the florist remove the thorns.Kevin’s ex-galpal Shar Jackson seems cool with the idea of her kiddies’ daddy dumping her for Toxic Pop Tart. At Hollywood’s Tokio karaoke, Shar got up to perform and a patron shouted, “Sing a Britney Spears song!” Some folks gasped, but Shar just smiled and belted out a groovy rendition of “Baby One More Time.” thanks


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