Britney’s new online store is officially open, debuting B’s 24 Hour Tee sale.

The first 25 to buy the shirt above is guaranteed an autographed copy of the pink T.

Some BreatheHeavy readers are wondering what all the hype is about. Not only is the store not working (currently 12:45 pm PST), but the offered shirt is, well… ugly!

One reader says “apparently Britney’s team thinks her fan base is 11-year-old girls still,” while another sarcastically says “I’m glad they… you know… remotely made the t-shirt unisex.”

“I love it! Lucky is one of my fave songs from her,” says another fan.

Is this a heart-felt store for fans? or just a ploy from her team to squeeze a pretty penny out of fans.

The store is currently down, but HERE is the direct link.

My advice? Let’s stick to 2010 and MORE options!

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