BRITNEY SPEARS’ old home has proved to be problematic for actress BRITTANY MURPHY – because she’s allergic to the pop beauty’s furniture and constantly endures bad phone reception.
JUST MARRIED star Murphy and her mother SHARON moved into the Hollywood Hills home just over a year ago, and while she loves the things Spears has left behind, there are a few adjustments she wants to make before she’ll be completely satisfied.
She says, “We haven’t had the time to really do too much with the place because I’ve been working.
“There are a few problems because there’s a sofa that’s huge… but it’s down (feathered) and we’re allergic to down. I’m highly allergic and so is my mother.
“And you can’t get reception on the hard line. There’s these steel-jointed walls. It’s great for an earthquake but when you’re talking on the land lines you feel like you’re talking in a terribly patchy reception on a cell phone line.
“So there’s a lot of things that we need to work out and the down is a little frustrating.”
Murphy’s favourite part of her home is the back-up generator, which provided electricity for her on Christmas Eve (24DEC03) while the rest of her neighbourhood was immersed in darkness.

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