Britney’s Notes From Counseling

October 24, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Someone tell me WHY and HOW this paparazzi agency has a page of Britney’s notes from today’s court ordered parent counseling meeting. Wonder who they paid off to get this, and wonder who got bought. The list says “Preschool, More together time, Christmas shopping, Nails, and Jamie King (who was the choreographer for Madonna’s world tour) along with a few doodles. She forgot to write my name down!

And here are pictures of Britney leaving the meeting. October 24, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Britney is pictured on her way to the meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Kevin for their court ordered parenting class. Getting on the right track --- proud of you Britney! October 24, 2007.