Britney snatched back a record previously held by Jennifer Lopez. When will your favs?

Britney Spears left Las Vegas with a bang!

The pop princess’ final Piece Of Me show broke a coveted record for the city. According to a new report from the Review Journal, Britney’s New Year’s Eve performance raked in $1,172,000, a record for the Axis Theater inside Planet Hollywood.

That figure is also “the highest reported take for a single show in a theater residency ever in Las Vegas.”

The show was sold at its capacity of 4,600 with ticket prices averaging around $255.

It gets better. Britney reclaimed her title! She bested fellow resident JLo for having the highest-grossing show at the venue. Lopez previously held the record of $1 million in revenue from her August 13, 2016 show.

See what Exhale is saying about that.

Don’t be too bummed about Piece Of Me. The show will go on! We know for sure Miss Britney has plans to take it to Europe this summer – she confirmed that herself.

There’s also major buzz that Brit will take this show, or a new one, to the Park Theater inside the Monte Carlo at the top of 2018 or early 2019. Perhaps even a Piece of Me world tour. We’ll know more on that in the coming weeks. 

Pretty incredible that Britney’s 249th and “final” show after four years was her most lucrative. Legends only!

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