Britney’s New Video Is An Artistic “Masterpiece”

February 2, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney is reclaiming her throne as pop queen in her upcoming video for Hold It Against Me, according to choreographer Brian Friedman.

“She’s showing that you have to push it as an artist: that you can’t just settle, that you can’t be calm with your choreography, that you have to make a statement,” Friedman tells “There’s so many people out there competing in this world to be the queen of pop, and she’s definitely claiming her throne.”

“Artistically, this video I think surpasses a lot of her other videos. So many of her videos are iconic, though. You look at ‘Toxic’ and you look at ‘Slave,’ even ‘Oops … I Did It Again’: People are gonna remember those videos forever. [In] ‘… Baby One More Time,’ she made school-girl outfits relevant and so popular.”

“This video is artistically a masterpiece, and I don’t think that Britney has pushed the envelope in this way ever in any of her videos.”