Britney’s second residency in Las Vegas is all but a done deal.


Britney’s second residency in Las Vegas is all but a done deal.


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It’s the best, worst kept secret in Hollywo… err, Las Vegas. It’s been rumored for months Britney has plans to launch a new show in Vegas in 2019 at The Park Theater. The chatter gained major traction this weekend following a report from The Mirror.

They claim Team B is in the final negotiation stages with The Park MGM to lock down a two-year, multi-million dollar deal for Miss Brit to perform there.

The lucrative venture would mean Brit could pocket $500,000 per show. That’s reportedly $100,000 more per show than she banked during Piece Of Me at Planet Hollywood.

See what Exhale is saying about this!


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Here’s a copy + paste quote about the exceptional earner:


She’s set to rake in $500,000 per show, starting with an initial two-year run, making her the highest-paid woman on the Strip.

It comes as Vegas insiders say that Caesars Entertainment bosses decided not to renew her deal at Planet Hollywood after a four-year run for her Piece Of Me residency, where she was banking $400,000 a show.

Now her handlers feel that with her astonishing success she should command even more.


An insider claims “Britney has pretty much verbally agreed to return for a very significant fee.”

They also added that “her show is more of a performance so she won’t have to sing all the lyrics.”


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It’s not clear how much of the show will be new, but The Mirror says “it will be reworked from Piece Of Me, and built around the anniversary of her debut hit Hit Me Baby.”

I can hear Celine Dion’s fans screaming from here.

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