Britney’s New Song For The Boyz A Gay Anthem?

August 22, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Song For The Boyz

Britney’s new song might be for the gays, and some Exhalers are even reaching as far to think it’s about coming out!

Check out the crumb trail leading some to think her first single is a gay power anthem. No...

One of her first Tweets about the new music she’s recording said it was for for ~her boys~

Then, a producer that works with Will.I.Am confirmed our suspcicions that the song wasn’t for her sons, but for the gays.

THEN, William Orbit posted a picture of a closet (get it, coming out of the closet).

William Orbit's New Message

AND THENNN on Britney’s official website this picture is uploaded in their directory of an opening door (or closet):

Open Sesame

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, or in this case where there’s excited gay fans there’s rumors!

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