Brit’s new bop is debuting in the next few days!


Swing it to the left…swing it to the right…

While we’re all still recovering from the 60 second Private Show teaser Britney Spears released earlier today, an Australian radio station has now announced they’ll be premiering NEW Britney material in the coming days!

Smart timing on Team Britney’s part. As of last week, rumor had it “Make Me” wouldn’t drop until the end of the month or possibly August, but with the continuous video leaks, there was seemingly no choice.

2DayFM is one of the biggest Sydney-based radio stations in Australia but…Down Under doesn’t often premiere international artist singles first. So what gives?

Has Britney finally forgiven the Oz media for the Circus Tour debacle? Or is this an indicator that, due to those pesky timezones, the US can expect to hear “Make Me” in full as soon as Friday?

Either way, the B9 era is officially here and the world is ready.