Are you ready?


Britney Spears will make us oooh this spring!

Britney has selected the lead single for her ninth studio album, and it’s called “Make Me (Oooh).”

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Britney will shoot the video for the song next Monday, and both will be released four weeks later when editing is completed.

“The concept for the video is all set,” a source said told the site.

“The single and the video will thrill fans because it’s all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected. It’s different; it’s a turn. She’s gone from pretty straight-forward pop to a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff.”

The news follows the unofficial announcement her album drops in May.

Britney will add the song to Piece Of Me on the next leg of the residency, which resumes June 17.

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