It looks like newlywed Britney Spears Federline – who abruptly parted ways with longtime manager Larry Rudolph three months ago – has finally found a replacement.
Lowdown hears it’s none other than Rudolph’s one-time right-hand man, Dan Dymtrow.

The 29-year-old Dymtrow, who’s said to be close to Britney’s older brother, Bryan, had apprenticed under Rudolph at his management company, ReignDeer Entertainment, until last October.

That was when the songbird flew the coop – and Dymtrow apparently followed.

Yesterday, Rudolph told Lowdown, “I have nothing to say, because I know nothing about it. I have no comment, none whatsoever.” Spear’s rep did not return calls for comment, and Dymtrow did not respond to detailed E-mails.

A Lowdown spy reports: “Dan was the one who helped Larry with the day-to-day stuff, and he just left him behind his back, moved out to L.A., and is now Brit’s manager.”

The spy added: “Obviously, there was no loyalty. Dan started with Larry as an intern. Larry groomed him, and Dan ruined him.”

Why replace Rudolph with his hipper protégé?

Word is that the 23-year-old Britney is eager to remake her second husband, former backup dancer husband Kevin Federline, into a hip-hop star.

“Brit wants him to come out as a rapper – she says he can flow,” laughed the spy. “There’s no way he can flow! He’s no Vanilla Ice.”

Just this week, Lowdown hears, Britney has been in New York finalizing a deal on the clothing line she’s starting with the 26-year-old Federline, who left his pregnant girlfriend, Shar Jackson, now the mother of their two children, for the scantily clad pop tart last summer.

Says the spy: “Kevin was bragging to people that when the deal goes down, he’s going to hire all his friends to work for him. Because he has money now that he’s splitting the line with Brit.” thanks

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