Ruben from got an email from Jordan saying about Brit’s new cd. heres the letter/email:

Hey Ruben, it’s Jordan again. I’ve got another date for a new Britney CD that’s currently entitled ‘Hits’. (Still working at FYE (Transworld Entertainment)) It’s due for a November 16th release.
We have 2 different UPC codes for the CD, one is a limited edition 2-CD set and the other, I’m assuming, is just a regular CD.

Anyways, we just got the date in Friday’s mailbag and I’m just now getting around to e-mailing you the information. I’ll keep you up-to-date on any other information I can garner!

-Jordan- (Cincinnati, OH)

Ruben:…and that my friends, concludes Britney’s 5-album obligation with Jive Records.


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