Celeb-crayzee scribes at the Independent are wobbling on over several paragraphs on the subject of Britney Spears’ name. Old sausage-thighs is, of course, now spliced to Kevin Whassisname, fellow burger lover and pro-am dancing boy. So, the highbrow paper asks, is Britters to be addressed by assorted a**e-lickers at her forthcoming Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party appearance as Mrs Federline (Kev’s real name), Ms Spears, Mrs Spears-Federline or…or…oh do we really care? Just call her ‘sausage-thighs’ – then duck. After all this, the Indy says Britney’s ‘people’ – whoever they are – have confirmed, 100 per cent (or probably more) that the gurning, strutting, chest-puffing songbird will still be called ‘Britney Spears’. For the foreseeable. Glad they cleared that one up. Thanks vbssite.tk.


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