Jamie Lynn Spears is caught between mom and Britney. Former pop star Britney Spears has put her younger sister Jamie Lynn in the middle of her war against her mother – and it’s breaking the 16-year -old’s heart a report from the National Enquirer reveals.

“By leaving Jamie Lynn everything in her will, Britney is using her money to pit her sister against her mom,” said a source close to the troubled family. “Jamie Lynn loves both her mom and her sister – and she doesn’t know what to do.”

Britney is embroiled in a very public struggle with her mother and she is convinced Lynne has sided with Kevin Federline in the custody battle over the boys – and she’s determined to make her pay. But will a California court allow it? “Britney thinks everyone sits at Kevin’s house and has one big laugh at her expense,” said the source.

“Britney said that Jamie Lynn needs to know what her mother is doing to her. She wants her sister to be on her side.” Britney has reportedly hired investigators to run reconnaissance on her mom. But will the pressure be too much for her sister to bear? It surely has caused some very erratic behavior from Britney.

Source: National Ledger

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