Britney’s Medical Condition “Somewhat Tenuous”

May 29, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is still not ready for prime time.

The Los Angeles court commissioner overseeing the “Gimme More” singer’s conservatorship case deemed Spears’ condition “too tenuous” for her to take care of her own business just yet.

The comments by Commissioner Reva Goetz came during a hearing today skipped by both Spears and father Jamie, who is still overseeing his daughter’s estate.

Instead, lawyers spent about 90 minutes meeting in the Goetz’s chambers.

Afterward, the commissioner said, “It’s my understanding that her condition is somewhat tenuous. Her medical condition remains the same.”

Spears’ court-appointed probate attorney, Samuel Ingham, agreed, telling the court that allowing Spears to contribute actively would be detrimental to her health.

“In fact it could be harmful to her to participate,” he said.

Goetz decided she needed more information on Spears’ diagnosis before deciding to appoint a more permanent conservator for Spears or whether to dissolve the conservatorship entirely.

“Though there have been changes in her medication…the diagnosis is not complete,” said Goetz, adding that Spears’ doctor “wants to do additional testing in the not too distant future.”

“Without the diagnosis, the timing of the remaining proceedings is something we need to address.”

Goetz recommended the court get an update on June 17 in advance of the July 31 hearing, when Goetz is due to make a final deicison about the future of Spears’ conservatorship.


Four months after her forced stay at a psychiatric facility, Britney Spears is still unable to participate “in any meaningful way” in legal proceedings and may need further tests, a court commissioner presiding over Spears’s conservatorship said Thursday.

Spears’s doctor has made a “differential diagnosis” and “wants to do additional testing in the not-too-distant future – something we will need to address in June,” L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz said in court after a private, 90-minute discussion with lawyers.

For now, Spears can’t take part in the “litigation process or in discovery proceedings,” Goetz said.

Attorneys did not reveal what was discussed in chambers. No Spears family members were present at the hearing, and Goetz made no rulings in open court other than to say that she is expecting a business plan for Spears to be filed by attorneys by June 13.

Spears’s affairs are being handled by her father, Jamie, and attorney Andrew Wallet.



Britney Spears has made seemingly great strides in the last several months, staying under the radar, winning back her visitation with her sons and even appearing twice on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

However, after another long afternoon in an L.A. courtroom, during which the 26-year old singer’s medical and psychological condition were reviewed in length, the commissioner ruled that Britney’s health continues to be “somewhat tenuous” and that she is still incapable of making decisions for herself.

Neither Brit nor her father Jamie Spears were present at Thursday’s hearing. Commissioner Goetz approved a request for Jamie to receive more money per week in order to continue caring for Britney.

The singer’s court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham told the court today he believed it was better that Britney not participate in the legal affairs of her person and estate, adding it “in fact could be harmful to her to participate.”

After reviewing her medical status, the commissioner agreed, saying, “Her medical condition remains the same. Though there has been changes in her medication, I think in terms of her diagnosis, it’s not complete.”

The commissioner will review Brit’s condition again on June 17. In the meantime, a trial is set for July 31 to determine whether to dissolve or extend the conservatorship.