Britney's London Interview With Pop Prince

Britney sat down with Kevin Hughes from Pop Prince (swoon) and chatted about “Britney Jean,” her Vegas residency and Miley Cyrus.

She says her upcoming album out December 3 is her most personal album, and named it “Britney Jean” because it’s a term of endearment from her family.

It’s been cool, I was able to take my time out and really focus myself on this album and what I really want to say and don’t want to say and how I come across on general..”

Her first Vegas show is just a few weeks away, and Brit says she’s feeling the pressure.

“I think the fans will be pleased, but it’s a nerve-wracking right now.”

She’s currently in rehearsals and plans on performing new material from her album, along with her most famous hits.

But where does Britney herself after Vegas? What about 10 years from now?

“I’d love more kids and I’d love to do more acting. Maybe a movie with James Franco.”

Play the full interview here:

Listen to ‘Britney Spears With Kevin Hughes’