Britney’s Lip Synching Flubs Spark Controversy

October 26, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Britney's Lip Synching Flubs Spark Controversy

Britney’s mic was off, but she kept things moving.

During Piece of Me on Saturday, Britney had several audio oopsies!… causing quite a stir amongst the Britney Army – though I’m not completely sure why.

During a part in “I Wanna Go,” Britney’s hidden from the audience behind an LED “mirror.” Brit thought she was safe from cameras, but one fan caught her forgetting to sing (or lip-synch) during part of the chorus. Once the prop turns her around to face the audience, homegirl gets right back into it.

Notable comments in Exhale:

when this kind of sh!t happen idk if i have to laugh… or to cry


if the crowd cant see me then i wouldn’t bother to lipsynch too.

A majority of the crowd couldn’t see her, not defending, just stating facts.

Lmao I love her so ******* much

See it at 1:06:

Towards the end of the very same show, Britney normally says: “Give it up for my dancers!,” but her mic was turned off this time. The look she gives her dancers is hilarious because there’s nothing she can do but carry on.

More notable comments in Exhale:

I thought the performance itself was ok, but the mic not being on and the look in her eyes…. horrible. I feel sorry for her. Whoever is operating the mic must have fallen asleep…

Here’s to hoping she was confused when that interview asked her if the residency had been extended

At least it came back on in time for her to sing the last Crazy chorus!

i feel like i heard her say “give it up for my dancers!” as like a FAINT ECHO in the background, like it sounded like almost nothing

her team should pay uploader $5000 for them to take down the vid

Should Britney fans be upset their Queen isn’t singing live? See it at 3:50: