Whether Britney wins or loses the defamation trial against Sam Lutfi, she’s got to pay up.

It’ll cost the Spears a million dollars to pay for the eight-person legal team defending Britney in the case, reports Eonline.com.

Lutfi is seeking $960,000 for the eight months he served as Britney’s “manager” in his lawsuit for breach of contract, libel, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

From E! News:

“The Los Angeles lawyers defending the “Oops” singer include Leon Gladstone, Stephen Rohde, Joel Boxer and Bonita Moore, whose going rate is typically $500 an hour, but when they’re in court, about $700 an hour. Additionally, Spears has her conservatorship attorneys in tow, Geraldine Wyle and Andrew Wallet.

There’s also a lawyer on hand specializing in appeals in case Britney’s camp needs to file one, should Lutfi’s attorney attempt to revisit the issue of getting Spears to testify.”

Add it up: that’s $50,000 a day for what’s expected to be a 20-day trial – nearing a million dollars, excluding pretrial hours.

If he loses the trial, Britney could sue Lutfi and a judge to reimburse her for her legal fees.

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