Britney’s Lawyers Don’t Run To Tabloids Like Kevin’s Do

August 14, 2007 By Jordan Miller

The attorneys for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline want to keep the custody proceedings between them private — to avoid the kind of scene that took place outside court today.

Wasser explained that the documents are private: “Britney and Kevin join in trying to keep the documents regarding their children private,” Wasser opined. “And if you look around, you guys will understand why that is.”

When one photog pressed Wasser about what might be in the custody documents, Wasser shot back, “There are things in there that aren’t anybody else’s business except for the families.”

August 13 - Custody Lawyers Wasser And Kaplan At Superior Court

Britney's Lawyers Don't Run To Tabloids Like Kevin's Do

Source: TMZ,