Uh oh someone’s in trouble! TMZ may be in hot water as the custody case between Britney and Kevin heats up. Britney’s attorney Hillary Slevin suggests that someone from Kevin’s camp (cough Mark Vincent Kaplan cough) has been leaking information to TMZ triggering a gag order. Makes perfect sense. Everyone knows how biased TMZ has been towards Kevin and Kaplan over Britney.

Here is what Slevin had to say in the filed documents: “On December 12, 2007 … I was viewing the website known as TMZ.com. At that time I saw that TMZ.com had set up a streaming video in front of a building where counsel for respondent, Mark Vincent Kaplan has his office.”

The video continued to play throughout the morning… At approximately 10:50 AM the text stated that Petitioner (Brit) would not be appearing for her deposition because she was ill.”

What!? Mark Vincent Kaplan doing something shady to get more money and promote himself!? Unheard of. What goes around comes around, and the crowd’s all waiting.

You may view the court documents HERE.

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