A lawyer for Britney Spears is hoping to get the pop singer out of a trial for a misdemeanor charge of driving without a license.

Spears’ lawyer in the case, Michael Flanagan, told Access Hollywood he will file a petition on Thursday to ask the Superior Court of Los Angeles to accept their proof the star has a valid license. He wants the case dismissed and for Britney to be able to pay a $10 fee.

The case stems from an August 2007 incident in which Spears was videotaped as she bumped another vehicle while parking her Mercedes-Benz. She left – without leaving a note – after looking over the damage to just her car from the fender-bender.

The owner of the other vehicle later filed a police report and Spears was charged a month later with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license. The hit-and-run charges were dismissed in October 2007 after Spears paid an undisclosed sum to the owner.

Flanagan has said that Spears was driving with a Louisiana license that was valid because she owns homes in that state.

Source: AccessHollywood.com

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