Britney Spears became so worried when she was stopped by officials at the French-Spanish border while on tour last year (04), she started to fear she was going to be kidnapped.
While the TOXIC singer was on the European leg of her ONYX HOTEL TOUR, she and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE woke up in the middle of the night to find officers going through their belongings on the tour bus.
Federline reveals on the new reality show BRITNEY + KEVIN: CHAOTIC, “(We) woke up at two o’clock in the morning to the border patrol going through all of our luggage, with the dogs and all kinds of stuff. (Britney) started freaking out.
“I’m sitting there (thinking), ‘Okay they can’t really do anything, I don’t think, so I wasn’t really scared too much. But I thought it was funny how she was.”
As the search pressed on, Spears used her own camcorder to jokingly document that if anybody finds the tape, she wants to be remembered as a “good person”.
But her focus went from kidnapping to fashion, when she observed the officers’ uniforms.
She says, “That’s got to be a boring job. At least I get to dress up in tight outfits and change ’em up a little bit. They gotta wear the same damn thing every day.”
The couple eventually crossed the border without having officials board their bus.


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